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From Historic Towns and Cities to Deserted Islands


Greece infused with history and culture was once the epicentre of the ancient world.  To this day it holds archaeological sites and treasure dating back to the Classical era.  Each island has its own character and charm from white washed houses perched on hilltops to beaches accessible only by water.


Crystal clear waters, charming ports, deep canyons, old winding towns and dramatic fjords draw in the glamorous elite. Numerous islands are near-deserted natural paradises whilst others are like magical island kingdoms with castles and churches soaring out of cliffs above red- roofed houses and vivid palms.


Istanbul is caught between East and West, resulting in Turkey lying on two continents. Part sits on the continent of Europe, neighbouring Greece and Bulgaria and the other part sits on the continent of Asia, neighbouring Syria, Iran and Iraq.  A narrow body of water, the Bosporus Strait, runs between them, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean

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